My experience has given me a driven passion for helping people find out who they are and what they do best.
                                                                                           – Larysa Grant
Intelligence Connect is a career coaching and consulting business  that helps people build their career skills, be respected by their peers,   network with others and always feel confident about their professional path.

Our goal is to help your career grow the smart way. Finding a job, transitioning to a new career and designing your professional journey take a lot of work. Intelligence Connect can show you what efforts will bring the right result.

We can help because we have been there. Larysa Grant, our founder, is an entrepreneur that have walked in the shoes of many professionals in Canada.

Did You Know?

1) Half of Canadians regret not getting professional career advice. Review research here

2) In the U.S. and Canada, only 19% said they were satisfied with their jobs. Another 16% said they were “somewhat satisfied”, 2012 Review research here

3) Here’s what Canadian said in 2013 when asked how they felt about their current job: Review research here

  • 24 per cent – Love it. Would do for free
  • 40 per cent – Like it a lot. Could like it more

How come that in the 21st century, will so many opportunities available, all Canadians are NOT in the 24th percentile?! This is where career coaches and strategists come to help. We want you to LOVE your job and be ready to do it for free! Anything lower than that is not acceptable!

If you are tired of struggling with your career, schedule your FREE Career Consultation with Larysa Grant.

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