I would strongly recommend attending Larysa’s career workshops / seminars. I found the facilitator well organized, with a deft ability to engage participants, fostering a collaborative approach.
As an individual who has experienced counselling with other career transition companies, I was most impressed that Larysa was able to provide further instruction, inspiration, and sage insight. She demonstrated that she is well informed in many industries, as she offered relevant and current knowledge to an audience that demanded a gamut of answers. Larysa also possesses a natural talent of connecting exceptionally well with individuals, providing constructive and supportive feedback to enable her clients – fostering an environment of  learning with no barriers. ~  Sal

Excellent. ~ Valerie

Thank you for your participation in the 6th Annual Career, Education & Settlement Immigrant Fair on Wednesday in Toronto at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. Based on the steady attendance (1100+ attendees) and feedback we have received so far, it was a great success. Thanks for being a part of the event, Larysa. Thanks very much for being a part of the panel. It was very well received. Thank you Sujay, Murali and Larysa. Truly a privilege to witness the panel in action. Lot of good questions came up and much better answers from the panel. It was a big hit indeed. ~ Ricky Bajaj, Sr. Account Manger, Metroland Specialty Markets

Great for who is looking for jobs and new comers to Canada. ~ Sami

Larysa gets into the depth of a person’s thoughts, assumptions, to find the understanding of what the deeper meanings is. She is well organized, answered all questions, very nice and friendly. She is approachable, knowledgeable and funny. I am very excited about my life and career path…

Nadya M.

Thank you very much for the coaching interview. It was very interesting and informative. I learnt a great deal and it provided a different perspective on the job search and career progression.

Steve B.

She made me feel comfortable, she cared, and she was very resourceful. Larysa shared how to solve situations that can modify my daily life – handle stress, relaxation exercises. Larysa helped me to realize that I can be empowered. Thanks to Larysa, I have learned coping, learned to know myself more.

Bianca S.

I have realized that my problems about finding a job what are my fears. Larysa is very nice, understanding, caring and open to talk to you whenever you needed to talk. She knew her work, very professional.  I felt like I am not alone. I have learned to let myself to free expression.

Mark G.

Larysa is always at service. She connects people. Larysa is a strong woman, confident, and humble. I value her organization, leadership, and kindness. Larysa is amazing! She will take the time to meet you for coffee to get to know you!

Laure A. 

Larysa is very industrious. She is honest and brave, great organizer.  I admire her sense of beautiful, attention to detail. Larysa has the ability to make decisions at critical moment. She loves life, always works on her personal growth.

Liliya O.

Larysa is fearless, full of energy and open-minded. I would call her an alien 🙂

Olga D.

Larysa is curious, accepting, confident, and determined. She brings people together.

Angus G. 

I appreciate her help in finding solutions to problems. She listened well. Larysa was well focused on the subject. Larysa explained unhealthy and healthy patterns. Encouraged me to use what I have discovered. She explained to me how to be in touch with my inner self in identifying my mission and monitoring myself all the time.

Alex S.

I liked ourdiscussions. Larysa was the best. Personally I believe she encouraged me to speak out. Larysa has created a safe environment in which to share personal challenges in our lives. I have discovered Insight – seeing problematic situations in a different light.

Lyudmyla S.

I grately appreciated the support and honesty and freedom to be oneself. Larysa was excellent and the information she gave me was very helpful. She made me feel comfortable.  She was supportive and helpful. I appreciated the interaction. Larysa is kind, insightful, friendly. She just explained things and helped me uncover so many talents in me..

Sunny W.

Larysa provided a supportive environment, helpful advice and useful resources. She provided empathy, enthusiasm, a positive outlook.  She was engaging and inclusive and connected with me. We shared experiences … I liked our interaction and the experience I brought to the table. I felt very safe to talk about my challenges. I have gained a different perspective. Larysa was very actively involved.

Anna D.

Larysa has been my support, my inspiration. I do what I love, help people in need, I serve people to the best of my abilities. I go to Jamaica every year now to support others. I pray for Larysa!

Carol G.