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Three Biggest Career Mistakes Immigrants Make That Cost Them Thousands of Dollars

Newcomers definitely have a lot on their plates when they arrive in Canada, their new home, their new country. Finding housing, school for children, first employment – these are the first most significant projects they have to tackle. Yet there are three mistakes that, if left ignored, will cost newcomers wasted time, energy, and the asset they need to be careful to spend – money!

Ignoring Cultural Differences.

Blindly Accepting Career Advice From Friends.

Trusting Consultants Who Push You to Enroll in a College Program.

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This resume got 150 job offers in just a few days!!!

you are hired






Alisa Abasova, a resident of Kyiv, Ukraine, has received 150 job offers in just a few days after posting her resume on Facebook. She has also got almost 6K likes and more that 2.5K shares.

Please comment below on your social media platform what information in her resume, in your opinion, has attracted job offers. Do employers look for certain skills, but won’t say it explicitly? Here is the full version of her resume, translated from Russian. Feel free to use Alisa’s ideas and present your skills in a unique way to potential employers. Enjoy!

Hello, I am Alisa, and I am looking for a new job.

I can be your right hand, your left hand, your legs, your eyes and a few extra new brain curves.

resume 150 offers Alisa

I get along with a wide range of people. Many individuals like me – children, retirees, hipsters, creative youth, mommies on maternity leave, sharp men in suits, gay, lesbian, hetero- and bisexuals.

I am ready to do everything and even more, if I know that it will bring real benefit to the company or to a person for whom I work. And of course, I expect that my work will be valued accordingly.

I will not go with you to bury a corps, but I will quickly google 12 most effective ways of utilizing a corps in city limits, as well as five companies that will do it for you.
I learn quickly and adjust. It is easy for me to begin a new task. I have endurance.
I am good at analysing situations.

Having borrowed wisdom of Jewish women, I have filled out a notepad with beneficial contacts and advice for any life situation. I will help you with finding a vet for your tarantula Gosha, or fresh strawberries in February for the pregnant wife of the distant cousin of your important client.
My Eastern roots help me keep quiet when it’s necessary. And I will loyally say “yes, Sir” or “yes, Ma’am” when my boss is not in their best mood.
But when necessary, I turn into a cold-blooded employee. I will take only clear requests, I want my deadlines met, and I demand respect for people’s work and objectivity.

I have experience in wholesale and retail sales, in accounting, copy-writing, content management and even in baby-sitting.

I used to own an internet store. I am familiar with context advertising, algorithm of promotion in social media, and some publishing.
I am knowledgeable in
1c, Photoshop, Word, Excel, Google-documents.

I can effectively plan my day. I do not like to waste my time.

My level of English: I easily understand foreigners and they understand me.
I am fluent in Ukrainian, which is not surprising.

Some personal info:
I was born and grew up in Kyiv. I know the coziest places in the city where you can hide from the crowds. I can show the best sight-seeing to visitors, and places where you can have a great meal and a cheerful drink.
I am 25. I am young and full of stamina. I have a 6-year-old son. His age is just perfect for staying with baby-sitters and grandmas. He rarely gets sick and I do have to worry about his graduation exams and unsuccessful marriage.

Extra bonuses:
I can ride a horse
. I am gifted in choosing the best deals.
I write well. Therefore, it will be a fantastic read about my super awesome new job that I am about to get soon.
I know four words in French and two in German (besides numbers).
I can photograph a brick in such a way that people take it for a piece of meat or tiramisu.

I would appreciate your share of my resume on social media.

Look forward to meeting you. Alisa

Ten Reasons to Hire and Promote New Moms

Many moms hurry to return to work when their newborn is just a few months in order to maintain their career. Quite often employers believe that a maternal leave is a period of doing nothing. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth! The skills that new moms obtain during their maternity leave are quite valuable. Let me give you ten proofs that a woman after her maternity leave becomes stronger, wiser and more professional. I am confident that these proofs will help employers to make a decision about hiring or promoting a new mom, and for those new moms who are ending their maternity leave this information will help build their confidence.

Hispanic mother with baby working in home office

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Do You Know How to Fix Social Media Blunders?

Getting messages mixed up on social media platforms happens to many of us. Maybe it’s sending a message to the wrong person or posting or tweeting something too personal, before remembering that your business colleagues are also your friends and followers. Avoid this embarrassment by doing a few quick checks before you click that ”post” button.

I had been interviewed by the Canadian Immigrant magazine and shared my real life and social media tips. Enjoy the article and let me know if you have your own suggestions on how to “fix” mistakes on social media and in real life.


About two months ago I have asked for your stories of real life immigrant faux-pas. Please enjoy two select stories (unabridged) from the Intelligence Connect community.


Boris: “I had some funny and embarrassing situation many years ago when I just arrived to Canada as immigrant.

About 2-3 weeks after arrival I went to supermarket to do grocery shopping. So I was moving along the different section and noticed Pepsi cola  bottles on the shelf. The label on the bottles stated the writing “Pepsi Free” which meant caffeine free but being a new immigrant I did not know that.. So I loaded my shopping cart with bottles of Pepsi cola and headed to the cashier. She started counting the bottles and calculating the charge. When she told how much I had to pay, I became really mad and asked her in my broken English why she was charging me showing her the label on the bottles with “Pepsi Free” on them. I said it is free and you cannot charge me and then she obviously started laughing so hard and when finally stopped, she explained to me everything but as I was leaving the store, I heard her laughing again. 

I definitely made her day and even if she was in the bad mood before, I helped her a lot.”


 Victoria: “In 2010, Natasha and I decided for a long weekend + a couple more of vacation days to travel to Quebec ( Montreal, Quebec City, Tadoussac to see whales).

On July 1st we stayed in Quebec City assuming that it would be a beautiful city to see fireworks which we have here in Toronto. We found a nice restaurant, which was half empty sipping coffee we asked a waitress who brought a bill,  what time the fireworks should be.
Waitress: – What fireworks?

I : – Canada Independence  Day fireworks

Waitress: – Oh, I don’t know (seeing our dilated/ surprised eyes  and being polite she said)- Let me ask the manager.

We never received an answer. We thought that young people who worked in the restaurant, may not know. Only a couple of months late we learned that some regions in Quebec do not celebrate Canada Day “because July 1st is the day when the majority of rental leases are renewed and people are busy moving in and out”:-)”