Get Rid of Stress Once and For All


                                                     Training duration – three hours

Oh stress …stress…. stress……stress…

How much has been written about it? How much have we heard about it? And how much we know about it!?! With all this knowledge, stress still remains one of the most common problems in a person’s life.

Stressful situations may occur at home, at work, out in the street, when you visit someone, etc.

If we behave inappropriately in a stressful situation, we often regret it, don’t we? Our status at work and in our family, relationships with relatives and friends, depend on how we behave at that moment (words said, actions taken), etc. Our reaction to a stressful situation effects not only our relationships with people in our lives, but our health!


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Be a Key That Opens Doors to Others

Today I would like to share wisdom from another talented individual whom I have interviewed for my upcoming book “Bigger and Better: Master the Game of Career”. Please meet Mr. Milo Vassallo, a former Consul General of Malta and a Board member of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in Canada (EUCCAN).  Please read Milo’s bio.

Milo Vassallo

Here is a sneak peek of our interview:

Q: As an immigrant, what is your advice to newcomers to Canada?

 A: Connect with people.  Networking is the best thing you can do for  yourself when you are new to a country.  And especially in Canada when people are coming from all walks of life and can share with you their own unique experiences.  It’s amazing how many doors will open from the most unlikely people.  And what’s so great is that over time, you can become that person who opens doors for others.   That’s where I get the most joy.

Canada is a great country with an enormous amount of opportunity for anyone who wants to work hard.  I worked hard, and people recognized that so they opened a few doors for me.  I saw every opportunity as a gift and needless to say, I took advantage of every gift that was given to me.  I found success through hard work and determination.

I will also advise to adopt the Canadian way of life and be proud of your new home.  Canada is so accepting of all cultures; it’s a wonderful place where you can hold strong to the roots of your homeland.  But being Canadian – that’s something to be incredibly proud of.  I know I am.

Don’t Get Lost in the Shuffle

Today I would like to share wisdom from another talented individual whom I have interviewed for my upcoming book “Bigger and Better: Master the Game of Career”. Please meet Allen M. Price, an accomplished mentor, speaker and author in Project Management with more than 30 years of experience in the federal government.  Please read Allen’s bio.

Allen Price

Here is a sneak peek of our interview:

Q: What can immigrants do to be successful in Canada?

Allen: First of all, get the discipline to succeed. Get the proper education, whether it is obtaining a PMP [Project Management Professional] designation or a nurse’s degree. Study hard and you will get ahead.

Secondly, get involved in the culture of Canada, learn what Canadians do and like.

And thirdly, get your intentions out there. Often immigrants get lost in the shuffle, don’t stand out. Tell your manager, “ I want to succeed”, ask him or her for guidance and advice. The manager will see that you want to do it and will help you.

Allen is offering you a gift of his Project Management course at a reduced price – How To Be A Winner in Today’s Project Management World


Bilingual Customer Service Rep., Insurance


Bilingual (English / French) Customer Service Representative is needed for an insurance company in North York to respond to clients’ requests on the phone.

Terms – Contract, $18-$20hr

You will be required to take a test in English and in French

Please submit your resume at

Thank you for your interest and applications

Does Your Resume Work Against You?

Are you flooded with invitations for job interviews? If not, have you ever wondered if your resume may work against you? Does it show your experience to your best advantage?

Let me help you improve your resume and get those desired interviews!

I am a career coach with prior recruitment experience. Who if not me can be as objective and helpful for you in your next career step? Please read more about my expertise HERE

I invite you to have a consultation with me that will bring you results right away!

Human Resources

How it works:

  • You will fill out a short form so I can learn more about your experience;
  • You will send me your resume and I will send you my comments and suggestions within 48 hours or earlier;
  • You will schedule a 15-min. phone call with me to ask questions that you may have.
Now let’s get started!

Step 1. Please send your consultation payment of $75 CAD via a bank-to-bank transfer at

Step 2. An inquiry form will be sent to you to fill out. You will also receive instructions on how to submit your resume.

Step 3. Upon receiving my comments of your resume, you will be able to schedule a 15-min call with me to ask even more questions.

Thank you,


To Your Great Career!

Larysa Grant

Career MasterMind Workshop


The MasterMind Workshop is a meeting dedicated to equipping you with necessary knowledge, connections and practice to sky-rocket your career. Share your tips with the group as well!

When: Tuesday, January 12, 6pm – 8pm

Where – 180 Bloor St. West , suite 400, Toronto, ON – (TTC: St.George)

–       Ask Career Coach, Larysa Grant, any career questions you may have:

Interview preparation

Company research

Hidden market jobs

Promotion strategy

Reading recruiters’ minds

Motivation to do more

Networking secrets

And many more other topics

–          Network with other participants and extend your job prospects

To increase the benefit from the meeting, please email your resume at for Larysa to review it before the event.

Coffee, tea and water will be available.


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FACILITATOR – Larysa Grant, a Career and Business Coach / Strategist


Larysa has more than 18 years of North American experience in human resources, recruitment and entrepreneurship. She is the author of her upcoming book “Bigger and Better: Master the Game of Career”.

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Self-talk Yourself Into Success

One of the best ways to handle a stressful situation, like a presentation, an interview, or meeting with a client, is using self-talk, believes renowned psychologist Ethan Kross. And not just any self-talk, but the correct self-talk, addressed in the third person, as if talking to a friend.

Many of us practice mantras, like “I am strong”, or “I can do it”, which is using the first person. These types of mantras are not as effective as a conversation with ourselves in the third person, or self-distancing. Kross’ research contends that people are better at dealing with others’ problems than with their own. Self-distancing can bring clarity in thinking about conflicts and concerns in various social and business situations.

mirror key

Here is an example of a beneficial self-talk I have with myself on the eve of giving my career seminar.

“Larysa, what are you nervous about? It’s not the first seminar you’ve delivered. I know you like helping people, but take it slow and stay calm. Even if it doesn’t go perfectly, it won’t be the end of the world. You’re capable, intelligent, and accomplished. Just do your best and let the chips fall. Chill, Larysa”

Why is this type of self-talk the most helpful?

First I create distance by addressing myself by name, as if I were a friend.

I remind myself of my purpose – I like helping people, I like to serve. Then I tell myself to be calm.

And thirdly, I take away anxiety from the situation with a few self-affirmations. I have what it takes to deliver a great seminar and will not be upset if the seminar does not go the way I intended. Everything will be ok.

“Inner talk is one of the most effective, least-utilized tools available to master the psyche and foster life success”, says Kross.

I encourage you to write down a self-talk conversation you want to have with yourself in preparation for an important event. Make a small card with the self-talk on it, carry it with you and practice it as often as possible. Your stress level is guaranteed to go down and your success – all the way up!


Larysa Grant

Career and Business Coach and Strategist


Inspired by an article about Kross’ research in Psychology Today