Career Lessons from the German National Soccer Team

Career Lessons from the German National Soccer Team

by Larysa Grant

I could not help comparing the German national team’s performance with the real world career opportunities. How many billions of people had watched them shine at the 2014 World Cup? What does it take to be the best? Let me share the five lessons we all can use to shine in our communities, in our worlds…

Be flexible

The Germans knew their competitors as well as their own strengths. Throughout the 2014 World Cup games, the German national team had adjusted their act consistently – from slow passing to direct speeding approach. Everyone had the opportunity to shine… Same will work for you, whether you are an entrepreneur or a corporate professional. You cannot expect different results doing the same thing over and over again.

Be innovative

Coach Loew had replaced old veterans with young and promising players. Did it work? Absolutely! Constantly feel the pulse of your performance and do what works. Incorporate new tactics and stick to them, no matter what others may say about the safety of older ways.

Shock and awe

Your act may seem as easy, as scoring five goals in the first 30 minutes of the game with Brazil. Your achievements may make someone sad or even tearful, and that is ok. Coach Loew had implemented entertaining soccer performance for years. In the words of Will Smith’s character in the Hitch movie, acting in an unexpected manner gives you a great advantage and admiration. How could you make your presentations more memorable?

Hire a coach or mentor

It seems straightforward to get a coach for athletes, however your shortcut to a fast and successful career is guaranteed by a person who keeps you on track toward your goals, who supports you and encourages you to discover your strength and overcome challenges. Whether it is the mastermind coach behind the German soccer team or your trusted mentor, this person will be an accelerated force toward an ideal career.

Be extra strong

The old adage goes that success is determined by not how many times you fail but by how many times you rise after failure. The German national team had been beaten by critics for falling short at the championships of 2008, 2010, and 2012. If that was not enough, difficult weather conditions, a small number of fans at the 2014 World Cup and prior injuries of the team players could have undermined any bright spirit. Do not let adversities break you. Use your support system, stay disciplined and keep going at your very best – you may be given extra time to score the winning goal!

Which lessons from the German soccer team will you implement first?


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