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Career Advancement Program

The Career Advancement Program runs for two months and includes:
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Self-talk Yourself Into Success

One of the best ways to handle a stressful situation, like a presentation, an interview, or meeting with a client, is using self-talk, believes renowned psychologist Ethan Kross. And not just any self-talk, but the correct self-talk, addressed in the third person, as if talking to a friend.

Many of us practice mantras, like “I am strong”, or “I can do it”, which is using the first person. These types of mantras are not as effective as a conversation with ourselves in the third person, or self-distancing. Kross’ research contends that people are better at dealing with others’ problems than with their own. Self-distancing can bring clarity in thinking about conflicts and concerns in various social and business situations.

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Here is an example of a beneficial self-talk I have with myself on the eve of giving my career seminar.

“Larysa, what are you nervous about? It’s not the first seminar you’ve delivered. I know you like helping people, but take it slow and stay calm. Even if it doesn’t go perfectly, it won’t be the end of the world. You’re capable, intelligent, and accomplished. Just do your best and let the chips fall. Chill, Larysa”

Why is this type of self-talk the most helpful?

First I create distance by addressing myself by name, as if I were a friend.

I remind myself of my purpose – I like helping people, I like to serve. Then I tell myself to be calm.

And thirdly, I take away anxiety from the situation with a few self-affirmations. I have what it takes to deliver a great seminar and will not be upset if the seminar does not go the way I intended. Everything will be ok.

“Inner talk is one of the most effective, least-utilized tools available to master the psyche and foster life success”, says Kross.

I encourage you to write down a self-talk conversation you want to have with yourself in preparation for an important event. Make a small card with the self-talk on it, carry it with you and practice it as often as possible. Your stress level is guaranteed to go down and your success – all the way up!


Larysa Grant

Career and Business Coach and Strategist


Inspired by an article about Kross’ research in Psychology Today

Why Habits Hit The Snooze

By Edwin Zapata, contributor for Intelligence Connect

Edwin Zapata

Imagine you wake up in the morning to the sound of your alarm clock and decide to hit the snooze. You think to yourself “a few more minutes” or “I don’t feel like going today”.  So maybe you give in just once, or maybe not at all. No matter who you are, just know we have all thought those things at least once. This is just one example of the many challenges we face in our every day lives when it comes to habits. To overcome challenges you feel have some sort of domination over you, you must remind yourself these habits took some time to develop. All this means is that it can also take some time to change a bad habit into a positive one. If you, like most people, do not consider yourself a morning person, but would like to be one, or just change any other habit in general, I am sure there are times you may struggle with the feeling of “It’s hopeless”. That being said, I would like this article to shed some light of hope back into your life.

Believe it or not, there is a secret to overcoming almost every challenge or habit. We have all heard the expression “the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”. That’s great! However, nobody is going to start walking on a thousand mile journey anytime soon. So what does this really mean? It means start small. It means if you need to start by setting 2 alarm clocks in the morning, instead of 10, then do so! For those seeking fitness goals, if it means exercising once a week, then go for it! How about business? If it means making ONE phone call instead of 10 or ONE appointment instead of 10, then start small! As long as you begin the act of starting, you will continue to do it again and again until it becomes a natural habit. It’s easy to be consistently inconsistent. Therefore, it is very important to keep in mind that building good habits takes commitment.

So the next time you wake up in the morning and feel like making excuses, just remember to start small, get up, and take the first step!


How consistency can beat the competition

By Edwin Zapata, contributor for Intelligence Connect

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When many of us look to apply for a new job or begin a new career path, we tend to let the lack of resources or our own inexperience get in the way of our desired success. In many cases, we let internal and external dialogue influence our judgements on how we believe things ought to be. Sometimes we even fail to consider that consistency can be just as valuable, if not better, than a skill. If you don’t know how to get to where you want to be, it never hurts to seek counselling or guidance from someone who is there or has already been. In the end it is up to you to create and pave your own path, but a few words from another person’s experience could save you countless years of trial and error.

During my early teen years I was very eager to become an auto mechanic. I was willing to learn anything and everything there was related to the field, thus centring my world around the auto mechanics industry. Whenever an opportunity presented itself, I never thought twice about ceasing it. Therefore, since my uncle was an auto mechanic, I saw it as an opening where I could offer to work with him for free. Every conversation with him was a chance to say “Hey! If you need a hand fixing a car let me know and I’ll head over there right away.” Thinking about it I figured, “If he can earn more, I can learn more.” However, make no mistake, when I finally got to work with him I made sure to prove my labour was worthy of financial pay. The reason for this was NOT to actually get paid myself, but to show him that my presence wasn’t meant to slow him down.

As the partnership with my uncle grew, he shared his own philosophy with regards to my inexperience. Since I only worked with him during the night, he took it as an opportunity to comment on the work he had done earlier in the day. I also learned that my uncle had been assigned an experienced apprentice and, in comparison, I felt out-shined and embarrassed due to my lack of expertise. At that point, my uncle then said “I would rather have a helper that knows nothing and wants to learn everything, over someone who thinks they know it all and doesn’t want to do or learn anything else.”

Even though I am currently in a different profession, I share this story for the message that it represents. The consistency I had in wanting to learn a skill helped me land a job in the automotive department of an upside down red triangle store, and they weren’t even hiring. I remember like it was just yesterday. I was sitting in the interview office when the owner’s wife pointed to a box FULL of resumes and said, “The reason you are here is because YOUR resume stood out from all the rest because of all the experience you have!” Needless to say I got the job, while two years later I moved on to a local two letter German auto maker dealership.

Therefore, no matter what you are after, the only thing really stopping you from getting there is YOURSELF. There will always be others more qualified and skilled than you, but your work ethic and consistency can help you surpass any limitations. Before you know it, YOU will be that person who holds the advantage. So remember, the next time you decide to go out there and face the world, step onto the ground fearlessly and don’t hold back. Just get it!

Why We Fail at Keeping New Year’s Resolutions


By Edwin Zapata, contributor for Intelligence Connect

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Every calendar year you decide to set goals aimed to inspire and motivate your drive for success. You tell yourself “this is THE year!” or “this year will be different!”. Whatever you say or promise, just know you are not alone. The shocking part is you tend to start off right, but somewhere along the lines you lose sight of your initial goal and mindset. So where did you go wrong?

As the excitement of the new year fades away, you begin to remind yourself the party is over. With the reality of getting back to your daily work schedule, it’s easy to fall back into regular habits and routines. As a result, you get in the way of your own progress (again) and make the new YOU a “To Do” instead of a “To Be”. By doing so, you place the “new you” at the bottom of your list of old “to do’s”. You then become subconsciously motivated to do everything else on your list except that one thing you should be focused on, creating an endless cycle of neglected and unaccomplished goals.

What if your new year’s resolution was to fill a big jar by the end of the year? Every deposit towards the jar could only be done one coin at a time. With that being said, it’s safe to say not all coins will be of the same denomination or size. At first it won’t seem like much, but every deposit counts towards the jar getting full. We tend to focus on the act of depositing and lose sight of the end goal which is “fill the jar one deposit at a time”, and not “fill the jar right now!”.

Just remember not to make your focus a part of a to-do list. Instead, mould your focus into a way of being. This is the only way you won’t lose sight of your jar getting filled up, for it will continuously be happening one step at a time. It is never too late to direct your focus back onto your goals and make it a habit to keep track of your progress. Doing so will give you a visual of your advancements and give you a sense of how far you’ve come along.
All it takes is one deposit at a time.