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This resume got 150 job offers in just a few days!!!

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Alisa Abasova, a resident of Kyiv, Ukraine, has received 150 job offers in just a few days after posting her resume on Facebook. She has also got almost 6K likes and more that 2.5K shares.

Please comment below on your social media platform what information in her resume, in your opinion, has attracted job offers. Do employers look for certain skills, but won’t say it explicitly? Here is the full version of her resume, translated from Russian. Feel free to use Alisa’s ideas and present your skills in a unique way to potential employers. Enjoy!

Hello, I am Alisa, and I am looking for a new job.

I can be your right hand, your left hand, your legs, your eyes and a few extra new brain curves.

resume 150 offers Alisa

I get along with a wide range of people. Many individuals like me – children, retirees, hipsters, creative youth, mommies on maternity leave, sharp men in suits, gay, lesbian, hetero- and bisexuals.

I am ready to do everything and even more, if I know that it will bring real benefit to the company or to a person for whom I work. And of course, I expect that my work will be valued accordingly.

I will not go with you to bury a corps, but I will quickly google 12 most effective ways of utilizing a corps in city limits, as well as five companies that will do it for you.
I learn quickly and adjust. It is easy for me to begin a new task. I have endurance.
I am good at analysing situations.

Having borrowed wisdom of Jewish women, I have filled out a notepad with beneficial contacts and advice for any life situation. I will help you with finding a vet for your tarantula Gosha, or fresh strawberries in February for the pregnant wife of the distant cousin of your important client.
My Eastern roots help me keep quiet when it’s necessary. And I will loyally say “yes, Sir” or “yes, Ma’am” when my boss is not in their best mood.
But when necessary, I turn into a cold-blooded employee. I will take only clear requests, I want my deadlines met, and I demand respect for people’s work and objectivity.

I have experience in wholesale and retail sales, in accounting, copy-writing, content management and even in baby-sitting.

I used to own an internet store. I am familiar with context advertising, algorithm of promotion in social media, and some publishing.
I am knowledgeable in
1c, Photoshop, Word, Excel, Google-documents.

I can effectively plan my day. I do not like to waste my time.

My level of English: I easily understand foreigners and they understand me.
I am fluent in Ukrainian, which is not surprising.

Some personal info:
I was born and grew up in Kyiv. I know the coziest places in the city where you can hide from the crowds. I can show the best sight-seeing to visitors, and places where you can have a great meal and a cheerful drink.
I am 25. I am young and full of stamina. I have a 6-year-old son. His age is just perfect for staying with baby-sitters and grandmas. He rarely gets sick and I do have to worry about his graduation exams and unsuccessful marriage.

Extra bonuses:
I can ride a horse
. I am gifted in choosing the best deals.
I write well. Therefore, it will be a fantastic read about my super awesome new job that I am about to get soon.
I know four words in French and two in German (besides numbers).
I can photograph a brick in such a way that people take it for a piece of meat or tiramisu.

I would appreciate your share of my resume on social media.

Look forward to meeting you. Alisa

Ten Reasons to Hire and Promote New Moms

Many moms hurry to return to work when their newborn is just a few months in order to maintain their career. Quite often employers believe that a maternal leave is a period of doing nothing. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth! The skills that new moms obtain during their maternity leave are quite valuable. Let me give you ten proofs that a woman after her maternity leave becomes stronger, wiser and more professional. I am confident that these proofs will help employers to make a decision about hiring or promoting a new mom, and for those new moms who are ending their maternity leave this information will help build their confidence.

Hispanic mother with baby working in home office

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Why Habits Hit The Snooze

By Edwin Zapata, contributor for Intelligence Connect

Edwin Zapata

Imagine you wake up in the morning to the sound of your alarm clock and decide to hit the snooze. You think to yourself “a few more minutes” or “I don’t feel like going today”.  So maybe you give in just once, or maybe not at all. No matter who you are, just know we have all thought those things at least once. This is just one example of the many challenges we face in our every day lives when it comes to habits. To overcome challenges you feel have some sort of domination over you, you must remind yourself these habits took some time to develop. All this means is that it can also take some time to change a bad habit into a positive one. If you, like most people, do not consider yourself a morning person, but would like to be one, or just change any other habit in general, I am sure there are times you may struggle with the feeling of “It’s hopeless”. That being said, I would like this article to shed some light of hope back into your life.

Believe it or not, there is a secret to overcoming almost every challenge or habit. We have all heard the expression “the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”. That’s great! However, nobody is going to start walking on a thousand mile journey anytime soon. So what does this really mean? It means start small. It means if you need to start by setting 2 alarm clocks in the morning, instead of 10, then do so! For those seeking fitness goals, if it means exercising once a week, then go for it! How about business? If it means making ONE phone call instead of 10 or ONE appointment instead of 10, then start small! As long as you begin the act of starting, you will continue to do it again and again until it becomes a natural habit. It’s easy to be consistently inconsistent. Therefore, it is very important to keep in mind that building good habits takes commitment.

So the next time you wake up in the morning and feel like making excuses, just remember to start small, get up, and take the first step!


How consistency can beat the competition

By Edwin Zapata, contributor for Intelligence Connect

Learn about Edwin

When many of us look to apply for a new job or begin a new career path, we tend to let the lack of resources or our own inexperience get in the way of our desired success. In many cases, we let internal and external dialogue influence our judgements on how we believe things ought to be. Sometimes we even fail to consider that consistency can be just as valuable, if not better, than a skill. If you don’t know how to get to where you want to be, it never hurts to seek counselling or guidance from someone who is there or has already been. In the end it is up to you to create and pave your own path, but a few words from another person’s experience could save you countless years of trial and error.

During my early teen years I was very eager to become an auto mechanic. I was willing to learn anything and everything there was related to the field, thus centring my world around the auto mechanics industry. Whenever an opportunity presented itself, I never thought twice about ceasing it. Therefore, since my uncle was an auto mechanic, I saw it as an opening where I could offer to work with him for free. Every conversation with him was a chance to say “Hey! If you need a hand fixing a car let me know and I’ll head over there right away.” Thinking about it I figured, “If he can earn more, I can learn more.” However, make no mistake, when I finally got to work with him I made sure to prove my labour was worthy of financial pay. The reason for this was NOT to actually get paid myself, but to show him that my presence wasn’t meant to slow him down.

As the partnership with my uncle grew, he shared his own philosophy with regards to my inexperience. Since I only worked with him during the night, he took it as an opportunity to comment on the work he had done earlier in the day. I also learned that my uncle had been assigned an experienced apprentice and, in comparison, I felt out-shined and embarrassed due to my lack of expertise. At that point, my uncle then said “I would rather have a helper that knows nothing and wants to learn everything, over someone who thinks they know it all and doesn’t want to do or learn anything else.”

Even though I am currently in a different profession, I share this story for the message that it represents. The consistency I had in wanting to learn a skill helped me land a job in the automotive department of an upside down red triangle store, and they weren’t even hiring. I remember like it was just yesterday. I was sitting in the interview office when the owner’s wife pointed to a box FULL of resumes and said, “The reason you are here is because YOUR resume stood out from all the rest because of all the experience you have!” Needless to say I got the job, while two years later I moved on to a local two letter German auto maker dealership.

Therefore, no matter what you are after, the only thing really stopping you from getting there is YOURSELF. There will always be others more qualified and skilled than you, but your work ethic and consistency can help you surpass any limitations. Before you know it, YOU will be that person who holds the advantage. So remember, the next time you decide to go out there and face the world, step onto the ground fearlessly and don’t hold back. Just get it!

How to get promoted

How to get promoted

by Larysa Grant

Human nature often moves us towards the exploration of new opportunities. Who has never dreamt of learning a new language?  Who has never dreamt of travelling to new countries?  Who has never dreamt of being promoted to a higher position in a company? But is it what you really want?

Like all opportunities, a promotion can have major implications to your career, your family, and to your overall life.  As in every important decision, a well-defined strategy, clarity of thinking and confidence are paramount to make the right choice.

promotion ladder

Firstly, you want to ask yourself why you want to pursue a promotion.  Why do you want this promotion?  What will you gain from it? What could you lose?  Why is the promotion important to you?

Very often, after being promoted, especially to a leadership or management role, people get disappointed.  It turns out that in their new position they can no longer do what they love – be it computer programming, talking to clients or using their creative talents. Promotions often include new responsibilities for departmental planning, budgeting or disciplining employees.  These new responsibilities are often of no interest to a newly minted manager.  Having received the salary increase and the fancy business card, people often grow disappointed with such a “promotion”.

Secondly, you should ask yourself about the company itself. Why do you want to stay in this particular company? Choosing in a company is like choosing a home.  If you don’t like where you live, you should sell the house and move to a new neighborhood. Are there further advancement opportunities? What if you hit the glass ceiling at this organization and never move another inch up? Do you share the company’s values? Sharing values of your organization becomes more and more important. Clients and colleagues will sense right away your passion for the common vision or lack thereof. Do you feel supported by the company? Once you take over a new job, you will need a new set of tools to fulfill your tasks – a team, technology, a budget and upper management’s blessing. Are you confident you will get it?

Thirdly, you should ask yourself about your potential new colleagues. What personal traits do they have in common? How are they valued by the company’s executives? Is there a potential for conflict with any of them? Can you work with them?  Do you want to work with them?

Lastly, if thinking about these questions is not enough for you to make a decision, then find a way to experience similar roles. For example, volunteer or serve on a Board of Directors at a similar organization. Fill in for your co-worker during their vacation and learn how to be in “their shoes”. Such experiences will help you clarify concerns when considering a promotion.

After asking all of the above and getting some similar experiences, if you are optimistic and determined to get promoted, it is time to make a plan of action.


In Canada, having a reference from a colleague or manager is invaluable. I consider it the safest and fastest way to grow in an organization. But how do you receive these referrals? Having figured out what the responsibilities of the new position are, it is helpful to try them out. In a large number of countries, people begin to take on new responsibilities and perform new tasks only after being promoted and begun receiving their new salary.

For the most part, this is not the case in Canada.  You first are expected to show what you can do by taking on new responsibilities and proving that you are capable to take on the new position.  It’s a hard truth that you are expected to take on more responsibilities and more tasks for the same salary in the same position prior to being promoted.  This can go on for several months, or even several years, before the trial period ends and your promotion is made official.

Therefore, I encourage you to take the initiative and showcase your skills and talents. At an appropriate time ask for that promotion by supporting this request with accomplished tasks, newly acquired clients, savings secured or financial earnings made for the company. These should be supported with thorough notes of all projects and tasks that you had been responsible for. This information will be very helpful in obtaining that desired promotion.  Even seemingly small tasks, when added together, will draw the picture of a qualified professional who is ready for that coveted promotion. Remind your management and team members about these projects. You have created a strong foundation for yourself. You can be trusted. You are liked by your team and management. You have long been ready to take on that new role!

But that isn’t all that you can do to get that promotion.  You can expand and deepen your qualifications by participating in professional conferences and forums, by being active in social media and contribute articles and blogs, or by answering questions on LinkedIn and other online industry forums.  Thanks to the Internet, it is quite easy to follow new developments in our industries and your enthusiasm will be duly noted by your colleagues, management and clients. Be out there by being visible in your personal communications and in the virtual world. Organizations will do their best to retain such employees and that promotion could be how they do.

But remember.  There is a possibility that competitors will steal you for a more interesting and higher-paid job. Would you mind?


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Communications Coordinator, volunteer or intern

Happy Business Teamwork

Intelligence Connect helps people be fulfilled in their ideal careers. Learn more about us at

The Communications Coordinator will possess clear understanding of team responsibilities and will be writing and editing content, developing and executing communications via social media and blogging, assist in event planning, meet deadlines requiring little supervision, and be willing to work occasional evenings and weekends.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

–       Prepare and edit event content including invites and confirmations

–       Write content for company the website and the Career Expo website

–       Research and write content for the company’s blog

–       Research social media to reach out the company’s audience

–       Follow the marketing social media plan

–       Research and choose images for blog posts and other content

–       Promote communications and events on social media

–       Build and maintain a contact database

–       Serve as liaison on event-related matters

–       Contribute marketing and promotions ideas

–       Collaborate with the marketing team to promote events

–       Ensure that all initiatives support the company brand

–       Assisting with planning and coordinating the company’s events – seminars, the annual expo, and networking events

–       Provide additional assistance when needed


Experience & Education


  •  Excellent written and verbal communications skills in English including writing, proofreading, editing.

·         Excellent interpersonal skills and high degree of professionalism

  • Proficiency with Microsoft Suite, email, researching, and social media.

·         Ability to think strategically and present creative solutions.

·         Strong attention to detail and accuracy.

·         Excellent project management, time management, and presentation skills

·         Self-motivated and comfortable taking the initiative.

·         University or college degree/diploma in English, Communications, Marketing or a related field.

·         Knowledge of Human Resources, Psychology or Management is a strong asset.

.         Nice to have – design software (Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign).


If you are interested in being considered for this opportunity, please submit your resume at

To be considered, all resumes must be submitted in Word format.


The right person can transform a business. If you’re not right for this role, but you know someone who is, please pass on this information to help them achieve their next career success!