At Intelligence Connect, we specialize in the following areas:

1) The Quantum Leap Program for Immigrants:Canada immigrant

We offer frustrated immigrants all the help they need in getting that desired job in Canada and KEEPING it!

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2) The STEM Career Program – STEM Professionals are in Science, Technology, Engineering, MathSTEM

→ job search strategy, resume editing

→ help building your professional network

→ job promotion strategy

→  networking science demystified

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Business coaching3) The Entrepreneur Academy

→ starting your business

→ growing your business

→ making an impact in your community

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Corporate Canada4) Corporate Consulting

An immigrant herself, Larysa understands both the benefits and the challenges of career development for newcomers in Canada. Larysa serves companies by helping their immigrant employees adjust to the cultural peculiarities of the corporate world in Canada so they can contribute more to their work and share in the rewards of working in Canada. Larysa offers cultural bridging workshops for Canadian companies.

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