Do You Know How to Fix Social Media Blunders?

Getting messages mixed up on social media platforms happens to many of us. Maybe it’s sending a message to the wrong person or posting or tweeting something too personal, before remembering that your business colleagues are also your friends and followers. Avoid this embarrassment by doing a few quick checks before you click that ”post” button.

I had been interviewed by the Canadian Immigrant magazine and shared my real life and social media tips. Enjoy the article and let me know if you have your own suggestions on how to “fix” mistakes on social media and in real life.


About two months ago I have asked for your stories of real life immigrant faux-pas. Please enjoy two select stories (unabridged) from the Intelligence Connect community.


Boris: “I had some funny and embarrassing situation many years ago when I just arrived to Canada as immigrant.

About 2-3 weeks after arrival I went to supermarket to do grocery shopping. So I was moving along the different section and noticed Pepsi cola  bottles on the shelf. The label on the bottles stated the writing “Pepsi Free” which meant caffeine free but being a new immigrant I did not know that.. So I loaded my shopping cart with bottles of Pepsi cola and headed to the cashier. She started counting the bottles and calculating the charge. When she told how much I had to pay, I became really mad and asked her in my broken English why she was charging me showing her the label on the bottles with “Pepsi Free” on them. I said it is free and you cannot charge me and then she obviously started laughing so hard and when finally stopped, she explained to me everything but as I was leaving the store, I heard her laughing again. 

I definitely made her day and even if she was in the bad mood before, I helped her a lot.”


 Victoria: “In 2010, Natasha and I decided for a long weekend + a couple more of vacation days to travel to Quebec ( Montreal, Quebec City, Tadoussac to see whales).

On July 1st we stayed in Quebec City assuming that it would be a beautiful city to see fireworks which we have here in Toronto. We found a nice restaurant, which was half empty sipping coffee we asked a waitress who brought a bill,  what time the fireworks should be.
Waitress: – What fireworks?

I : – Canada Independence  Day fireworks

Waitress: – Oh, I don’t know (seeing our dilated/ surprised eyes  and being polite she said)- Let me ask the manager.

We never received an answer. We thought that young people who worked in the restaurant, may not know. Only a couple of months late we learned that some regions in Quebec do not celebrate Canada Day “because July 1st is the day when the majority of rental leases are renewed and people are busy moving in and out”:-)”