The Passion Code

Is this your opportunity to finally live a full life?

Don’t we all strive for prosperity, rewarding career, security and health?

However, if professionally we are in the wrong career, things do fall apart. We get sick without professional satisfaction, relationships go sour, we do not get promoted because our heart is not in that job. We just show up at work day after day, like robots. At some point we begin getting sick and miss work… We do not look forward to the morning, because our boring job awaits us. We do not show initiative and constantly complain. Our kids look at as as role models and believe the world is a miserable place … All these and many more are classic signs of being in the wrong job, fearing to make a change.

You are invited to turn a new page in your life and make a decision to lead a successful career. To lead a life of contribution and joy!

This seminar is for you if…

… You are unhappy at work, you feel you do not live up to your potential;

… You are have been laid off and considering a different career;

You are a student or new grad who is confused by numerous choices.


Our guarantee

At the Passion Code PROGRAM you will have a chance to begin listening to yourself, to what you really want.

With the help of a proven testing and dialogue, you identify your strengths and preferences.

You will clearly identify the benefits of following your passion.

You will find the motivation to begin the process of self-exploration and stay driven to figure out your new and improved life.

You will design an image of your ideal life where you lead a successful and fulfilling life.


The two most important days in your life are

the day you are born and the day you find out why.” ~ Mark Twain

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